Tenerife Trail

Outdoor Adventure

Telephone N/A

Hiking Time- 1 hour

Trail Length – 2km

Difficulty – 3

GPS Reference Coordinates: 46° 54′ 24″ N 60° 30′ 52″ W

The peak at the top of Tenerife Mountain delivers a magnificent view of the Aspy Valley. 

You will see the peak as you drive on the highway. Park where you are almost perpendicular to the peak. There are two houses between you and the peak. Go ask permission to the owners to take the trail that start at the back of their houses.

You enter a mixed forest and the trail is well established. After a short hike you will be at the base of the peak where you will climb a very steep uphill section until you reach the top. From the peak there are no trees so the views are terrific in any direction. You will return on the same path.