Kayaking in Meat Cove

Outdoor Adventure

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Kayaking in Meat Cove is like no other. Strap in the Kayak and let
the rugged Atlantic coast of Meat Cove show you what it has to offer.
You will see some of the most amazing views that the Island has. When
kayaking in Meat Cove it can almost be guaranteed you will see all sorts
of wildlife. You will see the majestic minke whales, pilot whales, the
curious seals that will surface to watch you paddle by, the bald and
golden eagles that soar above, and also the rocketing guillemot birds as
they torpedo into the ocean. We have five single kayaks as well as one
double kayak. You can begin your kayaking adventure in the early morning
hours (9 am) and finish during the late evening (7 pm). The places to
kayak in Meat Cove are endless. One of our more popular spots for the
real adventurer is the natural arch; here you can travel through an all
rock archway, an experience in itself. Another extraordinary paddle ride
is to a beautiful waterfall; here you can dock your kayak on the beach
and spend the day lounging underneath the fresh flowing waterfall.