Cape North Farmers’ Market

Artisans & Craft Culinary Music & Performing Arts

Telephone 1-902-383-2046

friendly Farmers’ Market in Cape North offering fresh garden produce,
local crafts, works of art by local artists, local musicians and a
Market Cafe.

The Farmers’ Market is located in Cabot Fire Hall, in
Cape North Village, located directly on the Cabot Trail in Cape North.
The Market takes places each Saturday, beginning in June and ending in October, from 10.00 am to 12.30 pm. The Market offers fresh
garden produce, baked goods, preserves, candy, locally made crafts, and
works of art by local artists. Local musicians provide “Down North”
music. A Market Cafe offers tasty brunch-style food, tea and coffee,
prepared by local church groups and restaurant chefs. There is ample
parking and no entrance fee. All are welcome