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Nestled in the northeast corner of Cape Breton Island lies the quaint fishing village of Neil’s Harbour. Just two minutes off of the Cabot Trail, let the lighthouse guide you to Dixon's Zodiac Seafari. Prepare to have a smooth, exhilarating ride aboard the "733 Hurricane", the same type of vessel used by the Canadian Coast Guard. This is where your coastal, whale and marine life adventure will begin.You will embark on a 1 ½ hour…

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Dixon’s Zodiac Seafari – Whale & Coastal Tours


Outdoor Adventure

Dixons Zodiac Seafari is located in the tiny fishing village of Neil’s Harbour, just below the lighthouse. Join us and embark on a minimum two hour adventure in search of different whale species such as Fin, Pilot, Minke and Humpbacks and others. You will also encounter various seabirds, seals and, in August and September, the impressive Leatherback Turtle. Combine this with the rocky cliff shoreline of northern Cape Breton and it will be an unforgettable…

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Neil’s Harbour Chowder House



When locals and visitors alike flock to your restaurant for the freshest seafood around, you know you've got a good thing going on. The Chowder House, a hidden gem on the Cabot Trail, fi ts that bill perfectly. The breathtaking ocean views and spectacular natural beauty are only out-done by the brilliantly fresh lobster, steamy bowls of seafood chowder, the sweetest crab around and succulent, plump mussels. All served up with pride and in a…

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Back Cove Cottages

Back Cove Cottages are located in the small fishing village of Neils Harbour, along the world-famous Cabot Trail in the scenic Cape Breton Island region of Nova Scotia. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery and sunrises daily as the refreshing salt air caresses your skin. Sit on the patio deck and watch the fishing boats haul their catch while seagulls, gannets and eagles fly by, and spot pods of whales feeding in the waters just offshore.We are…

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