Hiking in Northern Cape Breton

Guided hike into the interior of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, photographing moose | Photo by Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Both self-guided and guided hiking opportunities exist in the Northern Cape Breton region.

Self-Guided hiking in northern Cape Breton is traditionally done on the trails within the Cape Breton Highlands National Park. These trails, most of which begin on or close to the Cabot Trail, are generally of shorter duration, and highlight the various landforms present within the Park. Trails exist along elevated shoreline cliffs, at the water’s edge, in the interior barrens and up to mountain lookoffs. The trails are generally well-

Guided all day hike to remote coastal meadows | Photo by Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Outside the Park, however, to its northeast, lie some of the most scenic day hiking experiences in North America. However, these routes, of varying duration and difficulty, are seldom marked for the general public. Their locations may be accessed through enquiries of accommodations operators. Local tour operators offer guided half day and full day hikes into these areas, and add to the tours local commentary relating to the history, culture, wildlife and anecdotes of the area. These operators select their routes based upon the interest level and fitness of the group

Guided half day "Hike to the Blueberries" | Photo by Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

Hiking in northern Cape Breton has been compared favorably to hiking in such international destinations as New Zealand, Scotland and Ireland. Visit our Gallery for further representative hiking images.

Cabot Trail Outdoor Adventures
Fax: 1-888-616-1689
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Year round guided experiences in the spectacular wilderness settings of Northern Nova Scotia. Hiking, paddling, cycling, snowshoeing and ski tours for all ages and abilities. Lets explore the Cabot Trail together.

Meat Cove Welcome Centre
2149 Meat Cove , Phone: 1-902-383-2844
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Stop in and have a bite to eat and a chat at The Meat Cove Welcome Centre. Proudly run by local residents, this Welcome Centre is a favourite of locals and visitors as its menu caters to both local and vacationer tastes.

If you are interested in Hiking on the many wonderful trails of Meat Cove, then be sure to inquire at the Welcome Centre for hiking information. The staff at the centre pioneered many of the trails in the area and are happy to direct you on your hiking adventure.

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