North Highlands Museum and Culture Centre

In November, 1761 one of the most famous shipwrecks in Canadian history occurred in Aspy Bay. Though unarmed, L’Auguste carried many cannonballs as ballast. | Photo by North Highlands Museum

The North Highlands Museum and Culture Centre have preserved and presented the cultural and natural heritage of the North Highlands of Cape Breton since 1979. In the Museum, we have artifacts and exhibits that bring to life the history of our area. Our display themes include fishing, ship wrecks, farming, gypsum mining, our community’s war effort, lighthouses and storm drums, communications and travel, spinning and weaving, hunting and trapping, medicine, education, and religion. In the beautiful Settlers’ Garden a leisurely walk allows one to view traditional plants used by our early settlers. We also maintain archives to preserve our recorded history and to facilitate genealogical research.

Acquiring materials and building homes, wharves, and the many other structures essential to pioneer life was hard, but craftsmanship was important and the work a labour of love. Our collection of early tools gives a glimpse how a good home was built | Photo by North Highlands Museum

In addition to our wealth of cultural resources, we have many other attractions for the traveler. We have washrooms, public Internet access, a tax-free gift shop with unique photography and art from the area, and we are a great place to obtain useful tourist information. The Museum and Culture Centre is open from mid-June to October. Admission is $2 per person or $5 per family. The museum is operated by a volunteer community organization that depends on the generosity of our visitors.

Young Mary MacDonald (Ashley Padelt-Robinson) reacts as young Murdoch Dan MacDonald (Dan Murray) confronts her over her insistence on using English to instruct Gaelic-speaking Cape North youngsters in a scene from “The Spirit of Aspy Bay” in a past performance at the United Church in Cape North | Photo by Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures

The museum also has a tax-free gift shop that features items from local artisans. Throughout the season the Museum and Culture Centre feature special events. Check our website or with the museum staff (383 2579) for current offerings.

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