Cycling Numbers Increase in 2008

Cycling A Popular Activity Again In Northern Cape Breton

Dennis Doyon, manager of Sea Spray Outdoor Adventures, once again predicts a banner year for cycle touring of the Cabot Trail.

The operator of the only bicycle rental operation in northern Cape Breton says he’s expecting another busy cycling season at the Top of the Island. Following recent busy years, this season promises to be strong, if reservations are any indication.

“Visitors continue to choose cycling as a green, inexpensive alternative to seeing the Cabot Trail via automobile”, said Doyon. “Rather than simply seeing the world-class beauty of the Trail through their windshield, they’re opting to actually experience it over a period of days! They want to smell the salt air, to hear the whales blow and to travel slowly enough to catch the glimpses of the moose grazing out on the barrens. Some expand upon their cycling experiences and add guided hikes, kayak tours and whale watches to their itinerary. In this way they get to see more than just what’s available to be seen from their bike saddles.”

“The ‘seaside-to-mountain-climb’ riding on the northwestern coastline from Margaree to Cape North, and then southeasterly from Cape North to Ingonish offers world class scenery, wildlife encounters and unique cultural experiences. If that’s not enough, the route north of the Cabot Trail from Cape North to Bay St. Lawrence and on towards Meat Cove serves up some of the most spectacular coastal riding one will ever experience.”

As for the quality of the memories, Doyon chuckles: “Where else can you see whales from your bicycle seat?” he asks.


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